Friday, August 26, 2011

Sacramento Bee enjoy's "Elevated" Ad Sales; Thanks Medical Marijuana!

Now that the Sacramento Bee has begun publishing medical marijuana collective advertisements the weekly paper has reported much "higher" profits... as I understand it the Sac Bee could charge a medical cannabis dispensary as much as $3,000 for a full page, color ad in the Ticket section.

Just three months ago, the Sacramento News and Review began printing 30 pages of ads in a special medical marijuana 420 section.

According to Jeff vonKaenel, the CEO and President of the free alternative weekly newspaper, the section includes ads from nearly 50 dispensaries. A full page ad goes for about $2,000.

"It has been very lucrative," vonKaenel said. "We've been making tens of thousands of dollars a week on that. At a time when many newspapers are scaling back staff, The Sacramento News and Review said it was able to hire more reporters and expand its distribution largely because of medical marijuana ad sales.


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