Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monterey Bud on Hansen Organics Tinctures

Good Tuesday Morning 420 world... What a great night’s sleep, which is fairly unusual for me. I have been conversing with Holly at Hansen Organics for the last couple of weeks; we meet on Facebook and had been discussing medical marijuana and the different applications that were available.

Through this conversation I had mentioned that I use tinctures during the day at work as a way of medicating without the scrutiny. Holly was kind enough to send me some samples to try (after they were able to verify my medical marijuana recommendation).

Have a question? Contact Holly @ Hansen Organics also on Facebook.

Countless medical marijuana patients are in high spirits to learn of cannabis tinctures. A tincture is an alcohol-based liquid mixture. It is like a concentrated extract. At present there are tinctures of cannabis made with alcohol, oil or glycerin. It is a very effective way to medicate. Drops of the tincture are placed under the tongue (sublingually) and the medication passes through the blood vessels and enters the bloodstream. You will feel the onset of effects in about 5 – 15 minutes with the peak effect at about 30 minutes after taking the medication. For many patients, the effects are similar to inhaled cannabis.

The benefits of using a tincture of cannabis:

* no irritating smoke
* it is fast-acting
* no equipment except the bottle and the eyedropper
* no smell
* can be used discreetly.

Monday, January 10, 2011

With all of the Ca. Marijuana Smokers... Why Did P 19 Fail?

With all of the love that surrounds the medical marijuana community, how did Prop 19 fail to pass in California. While the proponents of Prop 19 tried to mislead the California voters into voting for a title and summary, the voters proved that the details of an initiative does matter. Proponents said Prop 19 would tax, regulate and control marijuana, when in fact those claims turned out to be less than accurate. As Harvard lecturer and CATO Institute senior fellow Jeffrey Miron pointed out. "The budgetary benefits, while not insignificant, would have been small compared with California's fiscal mess. As for the Mexican drug violence it seems to be mainly associated with the cocaine and metha mphetamine trades, as well as from marijuana traffic to other states."

If you are looking for a comprehensive website for all of your medical marijuana questions, from seed, to sack check out WeedVote part of the Weedmaps Media Group, owned by General Cannabis, a publicly traded company. Search for the ticker symbol "Cana”

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monterey Bud... Where to Find a Cool 420 Swag Contest

Damn I love what the guy's at Weedmaps Media do.... From WeedFreebies,where everyday at 4:20 pm you can win cool MMJ swag from bitchen glassware to Weedmaps T's.

To WeedPorn where you can go to educate yourself as to the different med's out on the shelves in your local collectives.

Stay informed, and legal in 2011... Monterey Bud Out!