Tuesday, April 24, 2018

NORML Cultivates 10K Comments In Favor of Removing Cannabis from Controlled Substance Act

NORML Delivers 10,369 public comments to the United States FDA in support of descheduling cannabis.

So, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was required by the World Health Organization to gather public comments on whether to change marijuana’s classification. Currently considered a drug with no medical use and a high potential for abuse, NORML has turned in more than 10,000 responses to a survey that altar marijuana laws around the globe.

In early April 2018, the FDA requested public comments regarding cannabis as a Schedule I drug, grouped with heroin and cocaine, among other drugs. The World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting a review on international prohibition of cannabis and will consider all of the comments gathered by the FDA in the United States, as well as similar bodies in other nations.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

WeedMaps and Marijuana.com Brings Back Top 25 Strains Infographic

A big thanks to WM and Marijuana.com for bringing back their top 25 strains Infographic...

According to today's post,  Blue Dream is still #1

No surprise to anyone with ties to the retail marijuana market, the classic Sativa Blue Dream held its spot atop the most popular strains for the month of December, 2016. Sifting through data generated by 8 million visits across all Weedmaps menu platforms, we’ve complied a list detailing the most popular strains and provided their average dispensary prices. August Top 25 Medical Marijuana Strains
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

USA: Bipartisan Bill Asks Congress to - 'Respect States With Medical Marijuana Laws' | Marijuana.com

USA: Bipartisan Bill Asks Congress to - 'Respect States With Medical Marijuana Laws' | Marijuana.com

Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-Calif.) introduced a bipartisan bill on Friday to protect marijuana users and businesses from federal prosecution when they are following state laws. The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act would shield both medical and recreational pot users.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor: 42nd annual Hash Bash | Marijuana.com

"I think we should decriminalize cannabis -- period," Worick of Portage said as he steadied the flag, which also had marijuana leaf images similar to stars, high above the crowd. "My flag represents the United States of Euphoria."

Kentucky Industrial Hemp Legislation to Become Law Minus Gov.'s Signature

by Erik Altieri - On Friday, April 5th, Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky stated that he will let Kentucky’s industrial hemp measure become law without his signature. Gov. Beshear had expressed concerns that marijuana growers could hide their illegal growing operations with hemp plants. Despite his concerns, he allowed the measure to become law without his signature and did not veto the legislation.

Source: SeedMine

Friday, March 29, 2013

Colorado's Medical Marijuana Program Under Nourished - How Will This Effect Recreational Pot Rules | Marijuana.com

Colorado's Medical Marijuana Program Under Nourished - How Will This Effect Recreational Pot Rules | Marijuana.com

As the many eyes of the country - particularly the feds - watch to see how Colorado's lawmakers cultivate their new recreational marijuana rules and regs. More than a few politicians count themselves among the skeptical, that CO's current regulators can handle the task at hand.

Anna Panoka -- On Thursday the panel reversed an earlier decision to consolidate recreational and medical marijuana under the current enforcement division, after a scathing audit described the office as mismanaged and underfunded.

Committee Chair Dan Pabon [D-Denver] wants answers on what the Division is doing to fix those issues and how soon.
“We need to have the select committee ask for hard numbers from the Department of Revenue about what is needed to fully enforce to protect the public safety, protect children’s access, enforce packaging and labeling and purchasing requirements,” Pabon said after the committee meeting.
Pabon says once the committee has hard numbers, it needs to figure out how to finance enforcement to avoid some of the problems auditors found at the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division. Part of that may depend on voters approving high taxes on the product in November.

The committee is pushing back its deadline and has four more meetings to work out what will be in the final package of legislation. Pabon insists the bill or bills will be introduced early enough to avoid any need for a special session after the legislature adjourns.

Source: Colorado Public Radio
Here are a few other ideas the task force are considering...

Dylan Ratigan Praises Marijuana Cultivators For Creating High-Tech Hydroponics | Marijuana.com

Dylan Ratigan Praises Marijuana Cultivators For Creating High-Tech Hydroponics | Marijuana.com

What a long, strange trip life can be … The one time host of MSNBC's Fast Money – Dylan Ratigan has turned on, tuned in, and dropped out of the hired liar business. Instead he has taken up a much more honorable trade, hydroponic gardening. As such, Dylan reached out and acknowledged the great work done by comedian Tommy Chong for promoting marijuana legalization, as well as today's marijuana cultivators, for taking hydroponic technology to a whole new level of efficiency and production.
 “I’d like to issue a letter of gratitude to Tommy and all the hydroponic marijuana growers in the world,” he said on The Young Turks. “Much as porn made the Internet, the cutting edge of hydroponic lighting and water flow and nutrient film technique that really has been been perfect as a result of the marijuana industry is the very techniques that we are now benefiting from to yield incredibly nutritious kale, bok choy, swiss chard, basil, bell peppers — you pick it. So, Tommy, thank you.”
After ending his three-year run at MSNBC, Ratigan moved to southern California to pursue a career as an organic, hydroponic farmer. He claimed the farm he now works on uses 90 percent less water, yet produces three times the amount of food compared to traditional farms.
 “Because of the incredible investment from the marijuana industry over the past couple of decades, the available technology for hydroponic kale farmers and basil farmers like myself is absolutely stunning, and because of the legalization of marijuana in so many places, while marijuana prices are declining, kale prices are rising,” he added.
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