Friday, August 12, 2011

Kern County "High" On Hope!

Professional signature collectors are on their way to Kern County to drum up more than 17,000 names needed before the ordinance to ban medical marijuana collectives goes into effect September 9th.!

Why? ... Well On Tuesday, the Kern County Board of Clowns... I mean Supervisors had its say, passing an ordinance that bans medical marijuana cooperatives in Kern County. It was a controversial vote that created quite a buzz about town, now advocates of medical marijuana are launching a referendum to stop the ordinance.

"We want to see an ordinance that works for everybody," Craig Beresh, Pres. California Cannabis Coalition, said. "That regulates it, gets taxed and is beneficial for Kern County as well as the collectives."

Don't miss the opportunity to have your voice heard. All registered voters in the county are eligible to sign the referendum.

Stay Safe and Legal Get your Medical Marijuana Recommendation, follow state laws, live without fear of consuming God's medicine!

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