Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is “Big Brother” Watching You Cultivate Your Crop?

As usual, Bill Maher was on point with his recent assertion that, in addition to weather gone wild – as those on the East Coast have learned – it’s not really a problem for humans to concern themselves with, so long as you don’t mind having a boat in your front yard. Be that as it may, the elephant in the room throughout the last four presidential debates – that was never discussed by the two major parties, is the American public’s frustration with the federal government’s ill-conceived war on weed. This poorly planned conflict against its own people is possibly the most vile use of the public tax dollars since the last time Richard Nixon cashed his presidential paycheck. Source

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Blows Away East Coast Harvest? |

Hurricane Sandy Blows Away East Coast Harvest? |

October around the country is generally considered harvest time. Growers get weird and cynical from too many months of fighting back insects’, mold and thieves. Regardless of whether you were an outdoor cultivator or an indoor hydroponics specialist, hurricane Sandy offered up a whole new set of obstacles for you to overcome the last few days.  As medical patients and recreational smokers alike, scramble up and down the eastern seaboard like a pack of wild dogs, searching for generators, tarps and anything else they might useful to stabilize their hard-earned crop, the super-storm of the century gathered up power and slammed ashore.
Sandy made landfall between New York City and New Jersey late Monday afternoon with an opening salvo of 80 mph sustained winds, which cut power to more than 6 million homes from the embattled state of Ohio, all the way down to South Carolina. The storm not only left the indoor medical marijuana grower struggling for power and scrambling for a way to finish their growth cycle, but she also put the presidential campaign into an indefinite holding pattern – just one week before the election.
As the Franke-n-storm lived up to its grim expectations air travel along the eastern seaboard was ceased, houses were boarded up and people were asked to leave their low-lying houses. The storm which is estimated to cause approximate $20 billion in damage to the US economy, will no doubt also damage the eastern seaboard’s entire outdoor crop of marijuana for 2012.
So what does this mean?