Monday, August 22, 2011

Hempfest Hoax! Seattle Times Reporter MMJ Curious?

King douche Seattle Times reporter Jonathan Martin fools WA state mmj doctor! Get's medical authorization to possess cannabis for medical purposes in Washington state.

WA State law limits medical-marijuana use to patients with such debilitating conditions as AIDS-related wasting syndrome and multiple sclerosis. Intractable pain is defined as not easily managed, relieved or cured by other treatments.

He states that he did not embellish, although, with no medical records on hand, nothing would have prevented it. He went on to describe a four-year problem, "treated by physical therapy, prescription and over-the-counter pain remedies, with weekly flare-ups ranging from slight to severe. Most of my male friends and family have similar complaints."

Although Department of Health's (DOH) professional boards can discipline doctors and others for violating the medical-marijuana law, none has been cited, according to DOH records.

Nursing regulators recently looked into a complaint involving two Spokane nurses for allegedly improperly signing medical-marijuana authorizations, but did not take action. In March, the Medical Quality Assurance Commission, which regulates doctors, open and quickly closed an ethics complaint against a Seattle-area physician involving an advertisement promising authorizations that would "stand up in court."

Moyer, the DOH spokesman, said the department has not had a test case from a patient claiming to be inappropriately authorized for medical marijuana. Without such a complaint, regulators have treated authorizations akin to a second opinion, giving wide latitude for professional judgment.

"It's very hard to involve the regulatory authority in the patient-physician relationship," he said.

At the 4Evergreen tent, prospective patients began to queue up in the late afternoon. A 54-year-old woman, who gave her name only as Sharon, said she suffered from diverticulitis, a painful swelling of the colon. She hoped cannabis would halt her weight loss. "I'm past the point of trying anything," she said, but added that she was nervous about the process.


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