Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Win Some Dope Apothecary Jars...From Herb Preserve |

Win Some Dope Apothecary Jars...From Herb Preserve |

How many of us live in an environment that is brutal to the medicine that we spend so much money on? In the high deserts or mountain areas, where there is little humidity, or down at the coast, where there’s way too much. In either event, protecting your chronic medicine and keeping it properly preserved is an incredibly important and cost-effective thing to do.
Yet — up until recently it’s been a rather unattractive venture to undertake…
Are you tired of using tupperware or some other unattractive container…simply because you’re trying to maintain the proper moisture? Keeping your meds out of the sunlight while still allowing the beneficial UV rays to penetrate. Well, the folks at Herb Preserve have got your back.
Today in conjunction with Herb Preserve we offer… The Apothacary Jar  Giveaway contest.

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