Saturday, September 22, 2012

Master Yoda Marijuana Strain: "The Force Is Strong With This One" |

Master Yoda Marijuana Strain: "The Force Is Strong With This One" |

Weed - Master Yoda Marijuana Strain: “The Force Is Strong With This One”
As new names for medical marijuana strains seem to surface-based on the news cycle, and the crazy things that happen there. Think Charlie Sheen OGLinsanity OGBlue Ivy OG… I think you get my point. So it is indeed a joyful moment to look down at today’s medical marijuana strain of the day and know that ‘the force is strong’ with this new strain of Master Yoda.
No one in their right mind would ever doubt that the force of good genetics is strong with Master Yoda. Just ask the judges which gave Master Yoda a first in the hybrid category at the recent, 1st annual high times medical cannabis cup held in downtown Los Angeles. The proud cultivator of this distinct flower is a grower for a local Los Angeles collective, known as the “Kush Connection.”
The highly sought after genetics contained within Master Yoda is the direct result of an ingenious cross between OG Kush F-1 and it’s not so distant cousin, Master Kush P-1. One of the more interesting benefits of winning the top prize for your genetics, at any of the high times cannabis cup events. Is the increased public presence of your product… and Master Yoda certainly received its fair share.
Thanks to the little green guys victory at the LA event, Master Yoda has cultivated a strong following throughout United States, from the West Coast to the East Coast. Once placed on the pedestal… of ‘First-place winner,’ at high times cannabis cup; cultivators, seed breeders and collectives alike have all had a hard time keeping Master Yoda in stock. That could be for a very good reason. Any strain, whether Kush dominant or not, that’s capable of capturing and holding the attention of the well-educated, Southern California medical marijuana patients, has a lot going for it.
With Master Yoda’s testing coming in at a respectable 20.67% THC, one does not have to be well-versed in the Star Wars trilogy to understand that …”the force is strong with this one.” So for those mmj patients with an elevated sense of tolerance, that would like to medicate with… and become, a “red eye Jedi,”  traveling to a collective that is not “ in a galaxy far, far away” would be the right place to start your training.
Master Yoda’s high provides both the pain relief properties of an Indica, in conjunction with the elevating effects of a sativa. In the world of marijuana genetics and hybrids “Master Yoda” does not disappoint, performing like the master hybrid it is. With a shortened budding period of just under 60 days,  Master Yoda should prove to be an incredibly popular option for the home cultivator concerned about harvesting the best buds, on a shortened schedule.

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