Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dem's and Rep's agree! Give the Sick What They Need!

Democratic Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and Republican Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee have filed a petition using the Drug Enforcement Agency requesting a reclassification of marijuana - from the substance with “no presently recognized medical use” to some drug with “currently recognized medical use within treatment.” On Thursday, Democratic Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin became a member of them.

“It 's time to show empathy and time for you to show good sense,” Gregoire told reporters throughout a business call.

The 3 governors’ states, and 13 others, have passed medicinal marijuana laws and regulations, casting doubt on the concept that cannabis doesn't have medical value. Plus some studies claim that the analgesic results of marijuana are similar to individuals more addictive pain relievers.

The governors’ papers are the most recent within an ongoing battle to reclassify cannabis that goes back to some legal challenge in 1972.

“Each of those areas is battling with controlling safe use of medical cannabis for patients with serious health conditions,” they authored. “Our use the government agencies hasn't resolved the problem.”

The DEA has in the past overlooked applications for deleting marijuana, stating a scientific consensus it adds no value in dealing with patients of any sort. But that consensus seems to become fracturing when confronted with new research and concerns concerning the ongoing costs from the drug war.

Drug Policy Alliance Leader Ethan Nadelmann authored inside a statement the Governors’ petition would be a useful step, but that federal rules shouldn’t stop them motionless forward with therapeutic pot programs in their own individual states.

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