Thursday, February 17, 2011

City Of Monterey May Allow Medical Marijuana Collective

The City of Monterey may be the first on the Monterey Peninsula to allow a medicinal cannabis collective / medical marijuana dispensary to operate openly.

All this while the city sued MyCaregiver and Carr-Nshimba in February 2010, arguing the operation violated the city's zoning laws because it does not specifically accommodate medical marijuana facilities.

Attorney Richard Rosen, who represents MyCaregiver co-founder Jhonrico Carr-Nshimba, said the city brought the contempt action "based on small technicalities about zoning and business licenses. It is completely ignoring the big issue, which is why is it legal everywhere else in California except Monterey?"

Rosen contends MyCaregiver qualifies as a nonprofit, medical marijuana cooperative and thus does not require a business license. An appeal of Villarreal's ruling is pending.
... "How does the city get away with ignoring the law that applies to everyone else in California?" Rosen said.

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