Monday, January 10, 2011

With all of the Ca. Marijuana Smokers... Why Did P 19 Fail?

With all of the love that surrounds the medical marijuana community, how did Prop 19 fail to pass in California. While the proponents of Prop 19 tried to mislead the California voters into voting for a title and summary, the voters proved that the details of an initiative does matter. Proponents said Prop 19 would tax, regulate and control marijuana, when in fact those claims turned out to be less than accurate. As Harvard lecturer and CATO Institute senior fellow Jeffrey Miron pointed out. "The budgetary benefits, while not insignificant, would have been small compared with California's fiscal mess. As for the Mexican drug violence it seems to be mainly associated with the cocaine and metha mphetamine trades, as well as from marijuana traffic to other states."

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